Data provided on PLASTEAX are of the best in class available at a given time. Here is why:


Our methodology is developed on solid scientific basis by experts in the field of life cycle assessment and ecodesign


Our results are validated and endorsed by the leader organizations in the fight against plastic pollution


The process we use to obtain our data is fully described and available for anyone to study and to use

Below you can find a series of documents to understand the value of the methodology used to create the PLASTEAX datasets.

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Macro-plastic leakage modelling

Key parameters to be used (release rates & littering rates) when modelling macro-plastic leakage both at corporate/product level and national level.

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Generic dataset

Overview of existing methodologies for MWI (Mismanaged Waste Index) calculation. Presentation of the approach chosen within PLASTEAX for generic datasets.

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Best in class dataset

Description of the PLASTEAX methodology to generate polymer and application specific waste management metrics

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Micro-plastic leakage modelling

Key parameters to be used (loss rates & release rates) when modelling micro-plastic leakage | Available soon

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Plastic Circularity

Benchmark of methodologies for assessing plastic circularity | Available soon